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We are persistent and reliable. Ever since Shing Hing was established in 1977, we firmly believe integrity being our pyramid of business. We have been achieving steady progress and success. We create values for customers, employees, business partners, shareholders andcommunities. We respect every individual staff and worker; emphasize on employees’ quality of life; mutual trust and communication, team work.

We are a market and customer driven company. Our success is measured by customer satisfaction and acceptability. We aim to continuously uplift our Product Design and Engineering capability,Quality, Technical Skills and Services. Quality is the core belief of Shing Hing and is permeated with our products and the company culture. It is also our competitive advantage that integrates with our strategy and direction. Quality is not only the customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and cost reduction, but also it is part of life -quality of work, quality of service, quality of information, quality of process, quality of division, quality of system, quality of team,quality objective and quality of people. While we are at the edge of innovation and management, we uphold our traditional values. Using Information Technology and ERP as an enabling tool, we innovate and improve in workflow, concurrent engineering, quality, technical skills and fast services, management and cultivation.

We are looking forward to diversifying our business in metal industry with fast and quality of services.
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